The Regions: an Italian Odyssey

n 2016 I embarked on an Italian Odyssey: nine regions of Italy explored over nine months, one month per region. A slow-travelling quest in search of untold stories from offbeat Italian places. Armed with hiking boots and a pile of dog-eared maps I set out to survey the lesser-known corners of Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, Abruzzo, Alto Adige, Tuscany, Sardinia, Campania and Basilicata. 

Every region of Italy is a land-unto-itself: diverse, distinct, fascinating. Along the way I was sorely tempted to become a goatherd in the Gargano, a bergamot-farmer in Bagaladi, and a shepherd in the Supramonte.

I’ve been based in Italy for fifteen years, and worked in the travel industry for over ten, as a walking guide and trip-planner. To me travelling means veering off-piste—preferably on foot into one of Italy’s regional backwaters—and letting the open road (or footpath or sea-bed or stream) lead you astray…

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