Life is a journey best undertaken on foot

I Bod taste places primarily with my feet; a destination remains opaque until I’ve walked all over it.

The Maremma Safari Club loves to walk. Up mountains, across boulevards, among crowds, into urban alleyways, upon ancient cobblestones, around markets, over fences, between vineyards, through olive groves, down to the sea. Above all down to the sea.

Parachute us into foreign territory in the dead of night and we will have walked our way home by daybreak—someone else’s home, no doubt, just in time for brunch.

On our Italian Odyssey we researched hikes in each of the 9 regions we visited. Each “Walking Safari” followed a continuous route, a journey split into daily stages. We crossed regions from coast to coast, climbed up and down mountains, and circumambulated islands. That’s how we roll (and stroll).

Why walk, you may ask?

Because by walking we fall in step with this infinite travelling circus otherwise known as the world…

3 wingdings and lines


Total walked


Mountains Climbed


Beaches Swum


Bowls of Pasta Eaten