Sila Safari

An eight-day hike crossing the Sila mountains in Calabria: from Acheronthia—past howling wolves and a Cascade of Nymphs—to the Realm of Conifers, then descending via the spectacular canyons of the Valli Cupe to the Ionian Sea.


Day 1/ Arrival in Calabria

Day 2/ Walk Acheronthia – San Giovanni in Fiore

Day 3/ Walk San Giovanni in Fiore – Lago Ampollino

Day 4/ Walk Lago Ampollino – Rifugio Latteria

Day 5/ Walk Rifugio Latteria – Buturo

Day 6/ Walk Buturo – Sersale

Day 7/ Walk Sersale – Cropani

Day 8/ Walk Cropani – Ionian Sea