What's in a name?

he Maremma Safari Club explores lesser-known destinations in Italy, on foot. A curious quest: offbeat walking trips.

This site collects field notes from our journeys: stories and characters, plots and places, dialogues and digressions—gathered along the way as we go walking and talking, ambling and gambling, guzzling and puzzling…

The word “safari” comes from Swahili and Arabic, meaning voyage. It is charged with the wonder of the African expeditions of my youth—I grew up split between Italy and South Africa. Back and forth between continents: a childhood embedded in a journey, dissolving into a dream.

I’m on a different trip these days, embarked upon from my base in the Maremma region of Tuscany. So what’s in a name? The Maremma Safari Club fuses my two selves into a single journey: an ongoing Italian walking safari.

Offbeat, on foot, around Italy…

Welcome to the club!