Offbeat, On Foot

he Maremma Safari Club offers guided walking trips to unexplored corners of Italy—for small groups on scheduled departure dates, or as private customizable trips. We go offbeat, on foot.

Let our footpaths lead you astray: explore stunning Italian landscapes, experience fascinating regional cultures, discover the best food and wine on the planet. Head off-piste—walking is the ultimate form of slow travel.

Each of our trips is a unique journey, a continuous walking route split into daily stages. We circumambulate Aeolian Islands in Sicily, traverse Brunello vineyards in Tuscany, sing with Sardinian shepherds in the Supramonte, boulder-hop in Calabria‘s Aspromonte, and climb Dolomitic peaks in Alto Adige.

That’s how we roll and stroll: the Maremma Safari Club tastes places primarily with its feet.

Walk our way, take a trip…join the club.